Digital agency for small business.
We provide an integrated
Internet Marketing
from creating a website to attracting customers.
Our services

Advertising in social networks

Email-marketing. Mailchimp

Analytics settings

Landing pages and websites development

Why choose us
Each Internet marketing tool can work, either separately or in combination with other tools, creating a single system of Internet strategy, a holistic picture of the promotion - Puzzle.
We help to collect Digital tools and adjust their work in a single direction - business development and profit increase.
So we suggest you collect your Digital Puzzle together!

How do we begin to cooperate?

We get acquainted with your product and target audience. Define your goals.
Development vector
We agree on a plan of action and stage by stage the movement towards goals.
Track the results, make adjustments, keep you constantly up to date.
Ability to see the results for any period of work..
A step forward
Together we understand where we are moving and what actions we are taking to achieve this.
Feedback from our customers
С величайшим удовольствием и благодарностью пишу отзыв о работе с Еленой Федоровской. Она большой профессионал в своем деле. Но это ещё далеко не самое главное, а самое приятное в работе с ней это то, что Лена очень ответственная и внимательная в работе. Лена умеет слышать клиента и всегда ищет решения для сложных ситуаций.
Наталия Завьялова
Тренер, коуч
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